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Track, manage, review and funding features for all kinds of grants and giving programs

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  • Application management tools
  • Unlimited users, managers
  • Unlimited fund allocations
  • Fund management tools
  • Scoring review mode
  • And more— see below
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Advanced review tools, integrations, workflows and branding for sophisticated grants

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Or annually (4 months free)

  • Everything in Intro, and:
  • Branding + custom domain
  • Workflows / Action flow
  • Integration / API
  • HD video applications
  • All review modes
  • Plagiarism detection
  • And more— see below
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Enterprise needs, major submission volumes or other specialist requirements.


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  • Everything in Premium, with options:
  • Custom single sign-on (SSO)
  • Salesforce integration
  • Audit log
  • Configuration service
  • Non-standard contract terms and conditions
  • Major submission volumes (10,000+)
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No limits (almost) Intro Premium Enterprise
Users / admins / managers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Applications Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Application form fields Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
File size limit per upload 5MB Unlimited Unlimited
File capacity
?Total data volume of all stored files.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
For grant application submissions Intro Premium Enterprise
Application form builder
?Powerful WYSIWYG application form creation
Form fields, 17 types including data tables
Form logic & conditional fields
PDF download of completed applications
Configurable user registration
?Collect the user information you need.
Social + mobile authentication
?Users can register and log in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or mobile phone number.
Application categories
?Smart and highly configurable forms that adjust to grant category selection.
?Applications continuously auto-save in the background as participants craft their submission. No risk of applicants losing work.
Users can edit their application after submission until deadline
?Support a two-stage submission process by requiring resubmission of entries / applications, with additional information.
Multi-lingual user interface with 30 languages
?Make your program available in your choice of language.
Activate multiple languages
?Make your program available in multiple languages, let your participants choose their preferred language.
SAML single sign-on (SSO)
?Single Sign On (SSO) support for integrating with your corporate identity management system via SAML
HD video hosting— streaming, private, unlimited file size
?Users upload their video in any of a range of formats, with no size limit, even feature-length HD movies are supported. Good Grants transcodes and hosts video securely and privately for streaming playback to your reviewers, directly in their browser. No need to download video files for playback. Ensure security for rights managed video content that cannot be hosted on public networks such as YouTube / Vimeo.
For grants review and decisions Intro Premium Enterprise
Advanced tools for assigning reviewers to applications
?Configure review panels for automatic assignment of reviewers to applications, at volume. Manually assign reviewers if you need, or randomly assign reviewers in bulk.
Decision results leaderboards
?Your review dashboard for live, real-time calculated and tabulated results.
Decision progress
?Monitor how far your reviewers are toward completion of their assigned applications.
Decision score matrix
?Examine scoring in detail, application-by-application, with a matrix view of all reviewers and a breakdown of their scoring input.
Unlimited decision stages
?Configure as many review stages as necessary, over as many controlled time periods as you need, with discreet scoring results recorded for each stage. As simple or sophisticated as you need.
Recuse reviewers and reviewer abstention
?Proactively block reviewers from certain applications based on a known conflict of interest, or facilitate voluntary abstention— all toward decision outcomes with integrity.
Reviewer comments
?Options for you to make comments optional, required, shared visibility, and available as feedback to applicants.
PDF download of completed applications
?Download a PDF of each application for offline reference or scoring.
Scoring review mode— score-based grading
Crowd voting review mode— great for team engagement
Qualifying review mode— pass/fail evaluation
Top pick review mode— preferential selection
Plagiarism detection
?Integration with Copyleaks automatically reviews and scores content submitted by grants program applicants to ensure originality. Additional costs apply for Copyleaks subscription.
Private, embedded streaming HD video— 100k video viewing-minutes included
?Users upload their video in any of a range of formats. Good Grants transcodes and hosts video securely and privately for streaming playback to your reviewers, directly in their browser. No need to download video files for playback. Ensure security for rights managed video content that cannot be hosted on public networks such as YouTube / Vimeo.
For grant lifecycle management Intro Premium Enterprise
Application management, moderation and tagging
?Suite of sophisticated tools for organising and managing applications.
Management dashboard
?At-a-glance overview of how everything in your program is tracking.
Google Analytics integration
?Track and analyse your users' behaviour by simply setting your Google Analytics tracking ID
Content management including about pages and configurable terms
?Easily and intelligently update terminology system-wide to suit your program. Manage all informational content including translations quickly and easily.
Report / data exports, and bulk download of applications
?All your data is readily available with quick and easy spreadsheet exports (Excel or CSV) and bulk downloads.
Archiving tools, including "seasons"
?Keep applications from past years / seasons organised and archived, but accessible. Quickly start a new season by one-click copy of all configuration of a prior season.
Configurable user roles
?Create the user roles you need with highly granular configuration options.
User CRM
?All your participant details available and searchable in one place. Easily exported.
Security, privacy, integrity
?Know your data is secure with Good Grants— we’re ISO/IEC 27001 certified, compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), CCPA, and more.
Grant / funding management— budget + allocation tracking
?Configure multiple budgets to track and report on allocation of funds to recipients.
Email notification— configurable triggered emails
?Set emails to be automatically sent for a variety of purposes, based on a wide selection of system events, such as an application being submitted, user registering, moderation changed, etc.
Post award report management
Broadcast email communication / marketing
?Quick and easy engagement with your program participants through bulk email communication. Target your emails to different audiences based on user roles, activities, stages, etc.
Agreement / contract signing
Funding notification letters / emails (coming soon)
Manage duplicate applications
?Helps you automatically find and manage duplicate applications the right way— and fast
Action flow— configure multi-stage application workflows
?Automatically move applications through a multi-stage review process. Perfect for application approval, or nomination acceptance, before more intensive review rounds commence.
Integration API
?Create custom integrations with your other business systems via the Good Grants API.
PDF certificates— configurable, generated on demand
SAML single sign-on (SSO)
Custom single sign-on (SSO) support
Salesforce integration— native two-way data exchange
Audit log— detailed, searchable record of user actions
Your enterprise terms and conditions
?Subject to review and agreement. Our standard terms and conditions can be viewed here.
For promotion Intro Premium Enterprise
Logo branding
?Upload your logo to display on page headers
Social sharing
?Integrated social sharing buttons for all popular social networks. Features to promote your messages and brand with social shares.
Provide feedback to applicants
?Easily provide all review scores and/or comments as feedback to applicants, in just a few clicks.
Vanity domain— e.g.
Public galleries of results
?Publish galleries of shortlists for team or public visibility or invite-only access by e.g. media. Create galleries and make them live with no coding and only a few minutes effort.
Complete brand theme
?Apply your organisation branding, colours, logos, imagery and design assets
Custom domain— e.g.
Sponsor / partner visibility
?Provide your sponsors or partners with high-value visibility options, placing them front-and-centre in front of applicants, reviewers and optionally, the public.
Customer support Intro Premium Enterprise
Help centre, support articles and video tutorials
Support, 24/5
Pre-launch check
?A popular and invaluable service to our clients— when you have finished configuration, request a Pre-launch check. Our team will check everything is set-up correctly from a technical perspective, and we'll make recommendations to ensure your users have the best experience.

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