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World-class review suite

The Good Grants review suite is packed full of time-saving features to help you find great applications to your grants program. With five powerful review modes, multiple review rounds, panel management and more, we have everything you need to make good grant decisions.

Review modes

Easy program management software

Qualifying review mode

A straightforward decision-making tool for making pass/fail decisions. It’s perfect for shortlisting applications before moving to more comprehensive review rounds.

Top pick review mode

Reviewers rank their favourite applications using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) calculation method widely used for elections. This is an outstanding method for determining consensus, so works well for large panels of reviewers.

Easy program management software
Easy program management software

Crowd voting review mode

Invite your entire organisation, the public or a select group of reviewers to vote on their favourite grant applications. Simple and effective, the configuration options available in crowd voting are virtually  limitless. 

Scoring review mode

Your expert review panel score entries individually based on highly-configurable scoring criteria. Results are calculated and available in real time.

Easy program management software
Easy program management software


Encourage greater public awareness of your program, your sponsors and applications to your grant, scholarship or corporate-giving program using high impact visual galleries. Great for displaying previously granted applications or providing a historical record of past submissions.

More great review suite features to help you make good grant decisions

Unlimited review rounds

Arrange an unlimited number of review rounds. Track and compare scores and inputs to converge on preferred applications.

Decision results leaderboards

Real-time views of decision status and scores across all applications and categories. Easy to review and export results.


Quick and powerful assignment of applications to reviewers. Engage small or large audiences, even public guests to evaluate applications using any review mode you want.

Recusal and abstention

Reviewers can abstain or managers can recuse reviewers from scoring or deciding on any applications where there may be a potential conflict of interest. 

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