How to use video in your grant, funding or scholarship program

by | Jul 8, 2021

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Video is everywhere in today’s world. From social media posts to how-to articles to live-streamed events, video provides an engaging medium that captures attention and shares messages and ideas across the world. 

These statistics also back up the trend:

The benefits of video for your grant program

Using video in your grants program is an ideal way to add a creative element to your application process, collect interesting and shareable user-generated content for your organisation’s marketing, and grow your submitted applications by diversifying your application process.

With more people around the world familiar with how to create, edit and share videos, it’s easy to implement video into your grant program. 

Here are some of the many benefits:

Effective and compelling communication

Let’s talk about video on the grant management side of things—using it as a way to effectively communicate with your entire grants community.

A video welcome in Good Grants

Video is a fantastic way to share the word about your grant or funding program. Whether your community is learning about you on their mobile device or on a desktop, video is the perfect medium to share information about your grant.

Diversification of applicants  

Every applicant is different and brings different strengths to their application. You diversify your applicant pool by requiring video as part of the application process. Since some applicants might be stronger with written submissions, others will shine with video and/or creative submissions. You’ll put some applicants in the spotlight who might have looked weaker on paper alone. 

A delightful application review process

Basically––videos are just fun to watch! Your reviewing panel is likely to enjoy video submissions more than reading pages of text. By diversifying the application process, you’ll keep it more interesting (and fun!) for your reviewers.

Collection of user-generated content for marketing

If you want to require video as part of your grant application process, you’ll then be able to build up your library of shareable content for your organisation, which is perfect for highlighting your mission, your applicants, and your funding decisions. 

A video playback in Good Grants

How to share video in your grants program marketing + communications

Using video in your grant program communications adds a human element and can better connect you with your community of grantseekers. There are many ways to incorporate video into your grant program marketing and communications. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started. 

Welcome your grantseekers

Give your grantseekers a warm, branded welcome with a video. Say hello, give the basics about your program and the application process, and give your applicants a delightful experience from the very start.

Welcome video in grants application

Make a sizzle reel

A sizzle reel is a quick promotional video that can showcase your grant or funding program in a compelling way. With editing and video software out there for every budget and skill level, you can easily create a beautifully crafted video about your program with music and imagery to appeal to your community. Then, you can share it on your website, in your application form and across social media!

Provide application help

Instead of providing a wall of text for your application instructions, you can rather give detailed instructions in a helpful how-to video. Contextual information and tips on how to submit a quality application will keep your applications informed and it will decrease any support requests. 

Thank your partners 

If your grant or funding program has partners (or sponsors), a video is a great way to feature their involvement. You could feature the video on your organisation’s website, in the grant application platform or share it with your community in email communications and across social media. 

Highlight your grantees and funding recipients 

Spotlight your grantees and/or funding recipients in a video then share it with your community. It’s a great way to feature your future changemakers. These videos can make for inspirational social media shares and help put the grantee and their work in front of more people. 

How to embed and accept video in Good Grants

Good Grants makes it simple to accept and share videos directly on the platform. We boast powerful built-in video handling, hosting and delivery capabilities, providing a solid solution for video-centric submissions and applications.

Embedding videos in the platform

Embedding videos is easy in Good Grants. If you want to share video with your grantseekers, you can embed a Vimeo or YouTube video link right in the platform in a content block. These content blocks are available throughout the platform and allow you to share any type of video content!

Accepting video during the application process

If you require video as part of your application process, you have several easy options in the Good Grants platform.

You can:

  • Request a Vimeo or YouTube link on an attachments tab in your application form. By default, the attachments tab includes a button to “Add link or video”. With that button, applicants simply add the URL of the video and that’s it––Good Grants does everything else. Your reviewers will see a thumbnail for the video, which they can click and view full screen, directly in Good Grants.
  • Request grantseekers to upload their video to the platform. Good Grants supports high definition video upload and streaming playback. 


Video upload link in Good Grants
Videos uploaded to Good Grants are automatically transcoded for easy playback, which means your reviewers won’t have to download the video to assess the content directly in the Good Grants platform.

Uploaded videos are also encoded into several resolutions/bitrates suitable for streaming playback directly in the browser. That means applicants won’t have to worry if they have a slow internet connection.

There are no limits on size––it’s up to you to set the parameters for your video submissions. There are no performance restrictions when uploading and storing large file sizes. Good Grants manages the load without stress. It’s perfect for anything from a quick grantseeker introduction video to a high-definition feature-length film!

You can also download the original file from the platform, if needed. 

Tips on receiving high-quality video submissions

Now that you see how simple it is to include video submissions in your grant application with Good Grants, it’s also important to ensure you’re getting high-quality video submissions. Here are some suggested tips! 

  • Set file size and type parameters. While Good Grants can handle any file size and file type, it’s a good idea to set parameters to keep your video submissions reasonable and consistent––especially for your reviewers. 
  • Include help text for your applicants so they know exactly what you’re looking for in the video and to ensure good quality.  
  • High-quality video production doesn’t have to mean expensive recording equipment. Let your applicants know that video recorded from their phone is perfect. Give suggestions on whether you prefer landscape or portrait videos.
  • Provide examples from previous application submissions. Or, if it’s the first time requesting video, create your own sample video and share it as an example for your grantseekers. 

Video adds fun and diversity to your grants program  

Using video in your grant or funding program can better connect you with your community, provide more engaging communication and marketing, and diversify both the applications received and the decision-making process.

Good Grants has been designed with sophisticated tools to make incorporating video into your program a simple and rewarding experience for you and your grantseekers. 

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