Good Grants offers Aidsfonds security + functionality to support world without AIDS mission


Aidsfonds works tirelessly to achieve a world without AIDS. They believe in a combination approach to a complex issue. To respond to AIDS in all different ways, they are both a source of funding and developer of their own projects with funds from other donors. 

Aidsfonds, founded in 1985, is based in the Netherlands and is an approved charity by The Netherlands Fundraising Regulator (CBF).

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About the grant program

Aidsfonds uses Good Grants to solicit applications for its funding initiatives. They invest in promising innovative projects and methods and share what they have learned with a broader audience by publishing reports, manuals, and factsheets on the work they do and the facts they discover.

Program challenges before Good Grants

Before using Good Grants, Aidsfonds used an outdated software provider and it did not meet their security and data protection requirements.

“This program was outdated, the interface was not very attractive, the functionalities that we required for our work were not all available, and, very importantly, the system was not GDPR compliant,” said Aidsfonds grant program manager Sophie van der Erve.

The Good Grants choice

“First, we wanted to find a GDPR-compliant platform. Good Grants came up as one of the few grant management platforms with this compliance,” van der Erve said. 

“Eventually, it was a combination of the available functionalities (most important), the interface, the price, and the customer service (a big plus, they are very good at this) that made us choose Good Grants over the other options.

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Favourite feature

Aidsfonds use a variety of the different features on the grants management platform, including the option for applicants to select their preferred language.

“We also use the entry forms, Review flow and review modes  (mainly Qualifying and Scoring).” 

Advice to others

“I would recommend Good Grants to anyone looking for a good and easily manageable grant platform,” van der Erve said. “For multi-layered kinds of grants like ours, for example, with an application round and multiple review rounds, Good Grants has proven very suitable.” 

“What I also appreciate a lot is that any advice/request from us as a customer is heard and welcomed by the Good Grants team. They always try to improve the platform and ask us for input to find out if there is anything in particular we would like to see or use differently. The team is always available to answer questions and to help out with any difficulties or problems we encounter. All in all, we are very happy with our choice.”

Sophie van der Erve,

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