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What is Good Grants?

Good Grants is modern grants software for good grant outcomes. Keep track of program status, manage applications and easily handle funding requests. Learn why Good Grants is not just different, it’s better. 


Feature focus: grant review modes in Good Grants

Learn about the five different review modes Good Grants provides to empower you and your reviewers to make good grant and funding decisions.

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Feature focus: Dashboard + reporting in Good Grants

Learn how you can use the dashboard to get a bird’s-eye-view of your entire grants program, and see how the reporting and exporting functionality works.


Feature focus: Post-grant reporting with Action flow in Good Grants

Good Grants allows grantmakers granular control over post-grant reporting with automated reporting functionality. Learn how this can help you organise your grantmaking process!



Feature focus: Tagging in Good Grants

Tagging is one of the most popular (and used!) features in the Good Grants grant management software. Learn how you can use it to organise and automate your grants management.