March 2020

by | Mar 25, 2020

New Features

  • We’ve just released our new (and amazing) application form builder! 
  • As part of the new application form builder: tabs will now be highlighted with validation errors to help applicants quickly find fields requiring correction. 


  • Editing the user associated with an application in the “Manage applications” view has received some updates:
    • A link has been added to the applicant’s name linking to their user profile
    • Within an application, and on-hover of the applicant name, the text has changed from “Edit user” to “Edit” to make it clear that it’s changing the applicant associated with an application rather than editing a user profile
  • Application forms are now automatically saved when the user clicks away from the form 
  • If you’ve deleted a reviewer from an application, the scoring matrix of the application view will now denote this.
  • Links can now also be provided on the attachments tab

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