July 2021

by | Aug 9, 2021

New features

  • You can now view Fund allocations from the list view on Manage applications and the Leaderboard, enabling easy and fast viewing of how much funding an application has received. 
  • Funds can also now be allocated to applications directly from Manage applications and the Leaderboard. Click the three dots next to the application thumbnail to allocate funds to an individual application or select the checkbox and click the Action menu to allocate funds in bulk.
  • We now support multiple attachment tabs, enabling you to organise attachment tabs by category or type of attachment.
  • Emojis are now supported 🎉 and can be added to category descriptions, content blocks, notifications, terms and interface text. For Mac users, use the shortcut Cmd+Ctrl+Space to insert emojis. For Windows users, hold the Windows key and the period or semicolon key.


  • A confirmation message is now displayed when a user makes a change to their profile or password.
  • Broadcasts now have an option to send a copy to yourself. 
  • We updated the name of the interface text tooltips toggle for clarity.
  • User experience has improved when editing an attachments tab in configuration mode. 
  • You can now resend an email invitation to users invited to the platform but who did not receive the email.
  • When choosing a date and time for application and reviewing rounds to start or end, you can now type in the date and time in addition to using the date-picker.

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