January 2021

by | Feb 15, 2021

New features

  • Our video player now supports captions. We’ve added new controls that allow applicants to upload a .vtt captions file to accompany their video. Once added, these captions display when a video is played and can be seen by reviewers, program managers and applicants. 
  • A new trigger has been added to our automatic tagging feature. The new ‘assignment completed’ trigger automatically tags an application when a reviewer scores an application and the status changes from in progress to complete. This can enable notification triggers and enable applications to be moved automatically from one reviewing round to the next.


  • New improvements to accessibility were made to meet WCAG standards, including:

    • Added text for screen readers for the profile icon at the top right (when the user’s name is not visible)
    • More easily identifiable buttons for screen readers
    • Labels for the pagination controls at the bottom of list views  for easier navigation 
    • Limit of one H1 tag on the home page for easier reading 
    • Labels and roles added to the searchable list box field type 
    • Full-screen view in the single column view of the application form
    • Dismissable popovers with use of escape key 
    • New page announcements and heading element changes after left-menu clicks 
  • We updated our Google Analytics implementation from analtyics.js to gtag.js to support the new format ID
  • The one-click login message has been updated in line with recent improvements to email deliverability

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