February 2022

by | Mar 2, 2022

New features

  • We’ve added a Broadcast button on the Allocations dashboard to easily email applicants about funding.
  • Radio button lists and drop-down menu options have been added to email nomination fields in the application form so grantees can select from a list of provided email addresses rather than typing one. 
  • Premium accounts now have access to certificates and badges to recognise grantees and top applicants. 
  • Easy-to-view PDF files are now embedded in the Reviewing view and applicant preview, making it fast and simple for reviewers to view PDFs attached to applications.


    • Account owners using SAML login authentication can now hide the login form on the home registration page to require all users to use SAML. 
    • Several updates  were made in line with WCAG accessibility standards, including:
      • When grantees click the save and next button on the application form to advance to the next tab, focus moves to the top input field to support screen readers.
      • Screen readers will now announce the message that displays at the top of screen when users submit an invalid password on the registration form.
    • We improved the layout of buttons and pagination in all list views.
    • We added a label to the score set selector on the leaderboard page.

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