August 2020

by | Sep 2, 2020

New features 

  • It’s now possible for program managers to legally bypass user preferences when sending notifications in compliance with GDPR.

    • You can now sort by values of Fields added to the Manage Applications list view. #timesaver


    • Programs can now request .srt files in the Attachment tab of the application form, allowing applicants to submit captions or subtitles with any video submissions.
    • The following changes have been made to the cookie banner:
      • The footer now contains a link to activate the cookie banner, allowing users the ability to adjust their preferences at any point in time.
      • All buttons in the banner are now the same colour. No difference in priority or importance is implied.
      • Tooltips for each option in the cookie banner are now provided and allow users the ability to see further information about each option.
    • The following usability improvements have been made in review panels:
      • Searches without results will show the message “nothing found”.
      • A small animation has been added to the reviewer name when you add a new reviewer to a Panel.
    • To enhance security in your account, the required password length in user profiles has increased to 12 characters.
    • In the country field drop-down list:
      • Swaziland has been replaced by Eswatini to reflect the country’s name change.
      • West Bank and Gaza has been added.

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