April 2020

by | Apr 28, 2020

New features 

  • You can now recover access to your Good Grants account with a simple one-click login. Also available on mobile.


  • We’ve added a “less than” and “greater than” rule to conditional field settings.
  • You can now adjust the terminology for “state” and “postcode” to be more relevant for your users.  
  • You can now see which chapter managers are assigned to which chapter directly within your chapter export and chapter list view at Settings > Chapters.
  • Several improvements to review panels: 
    • When choosing reviewers for rounds, you can now search by name, email or role. This also allows faster load times! 
    • You can now easily differentiate between reviewers with similar names: hover over the name of a reviewer in the list and a tooltip will display their email address.
    • The reviewers you have selected for a panel now appear on a list at the right of your reviewers list.
    • You can easily remove a reviewer from your selection by clicking the “x” mark near the reviewer’s name.

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