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April 2021

New features A faster method for communicating with a specific panel of reviewers has been added to the Panels view. Simply go to Reviewing > Panels and then click Notify reviewers in the action menu (the three dots). Improvements We’ve used April to make several...

Feature focus: Notify reviewers of new applications

Feature focus: Notify reviewers of new applications

Here’s a new time-saver for you! You can now send notifications to application reviewers in the Good Grants platform much, much faster! Now, with just a few clicks, you can quickly create and send a notification to reviewers in a panel. You can use it to let them know...

March 2021

New features The Top Pick review mode now has a live progress bar to track picks in real-time. Two new languages have been added—Danish and Norwegian, bringing our total number of supported languages to 29. Improvements The following API improvements were made:  The...

February 2021

New features You can now create contracts for applicants, who can sign by typing their name or use their mouse or trackpad to draw their signature. The contracts are saved as PDF files and recorded with a time stamp on the user’s profile. Merge fields can be added to...

The value of feedback: another way to give back to grantseekers

The value of feedback: another way to give back to grantseekers

There is a lot of hard work that goes into applying for a grant. Your grantseekers are tirelessly committed to their purpose, and often are applying to more than one grant or funding program for support or assistance.

More than likely, they will not be selected for every grant they seek. So, what can you, as the grantmaker, offer these applicants to help them in their journey?

The answer is often overlooked yet simple and meaningful: feedback—a constructive critique from your reviewers to help applicants develop their proposals and further their mission.