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by | Jan 11, 2021

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Work smarter, not harder––that is our mantra for 2021. Our goals might sound similar to yours: grow more, streamline processes, do more with less. And we’re busy making sure that our software makes it easy for you to work smarter, too. 

Over the last year, we’ve released many new features to make our grant management software the best in the market. Here are some of the highlights.

The word’s best application form builder (and other UX improvements)

Good Grants application form builder

Experience is everything, and we want to make sure your applicants and program participants have the best possible experience with your Good Grants platform. We released lots of exciting updates to the software in 2020, and that includes a host of new features to improve the user experience for program managers, applicants and your reviewers.  

Some of those updates include:

  • The world’s most powerful application form builder, which includes new, sophisticated features including an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and a new configuration mode that provides a live preview as you build. 
  • An increase in vote processing speed for reviewers, minimising review calculation time to near real-time.
  • A new settings menu with improved visual design for easier and faster navigation. The left-hand navigation is now collapsible, giving you a nice, large swath of workspace.


Grant management improvements to help you manage with ease

Manage applications in Good Grants


From new automations to new integration capabilities, we’ve added these new features to help you manage your grant or funding program more easily.

  • A powerful new API to help you integrate your grant or funding program with external systems and software.
  • Automated tagging, which allows you to automatically apply specific tags to applications and create automations based on those tags. 
  • More customisable interface text that enables you to tailor copy across the platform to fit your grant or funding program exactly. 
  • A new “less than” and “greater than” rule you can apply to conditional field settings, giving your application more power to gather the exact information you need.
  • New language options for the platform including Finnish, Lithuanian and Hindi, bringing the total language translations to more than 25!
  • Merge fields in the Broadcast functionality, allowing you to add personal touches like a first name to your bulk emails sent directly from the platform.

Review tools to help you make the best decisions

Making good decisions is important, and we’ve zeroed in on ways to save your reviewers time and provide more flexibility in what they can see, creating an even better environment for making great judging decisions.

This includes:

  • Improvements to the reviewer’s view, where reviewers can now add, remove and rearrange columns to display only what’s relevant.
  • An easy way for reviewers to see weighted or unweighted scores and see score sets in separate columns, better highlighting each score.

A great experience for your grantseekers

We understand just how important it is to offer a seamless experience for your applicants. This can translate to more and better quality applications and fewer support requests.

Improvements include:

  • A new “magic” one-click login (also available for mobile numbers).
  • A flag selector and geolocation for the phone field in the entry form, which prefills the matching country code for entrants. 

 And, coming soon in 2021…

We can’t wait to tell you about what’s coming next! Big, new features are on the horizon, packed with time-saving updates and powerful new improvements all designed to help your program grow and prosper.

Highlights include:

  • Data residency: As part of our commitment to offering you the most secure grant management platform on the market, we’ll be offering you the option to choose which region you want your data stored.
  • A review management dashboard: You’ll have a new dashboard to help you stay on top of your application reviews.
  • A review setup wizard: We’re creating an easy way to set up your reviewing configuration to help you get started faster.
  • Theming updates: We’re making it easier for you to theme your account with modern and efficient ways to extend your brand to your grants platform.
  • Powerful integration tools: We’ll be releasing a powerful collection of webhooks to help you do even more with Good Grants. Our Zapier integration is now in beta and we’ll be improving the functionality available there as well! 

These powerful new features will continue to help you save time, streamline your processes and grow your program and reputation.

See how you can use a host of powerful features in Good Grants to make good grant decisions. Sign up for a 14-day free trial today. No credit card required.

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