How to use the Good Grants leaderboard to make great funding decisions

by | Nov 19, 2020

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Whether your organisation offers grants, scholarships or corporate funding, you can’t make the final decisions of your program lightly. With so many deserving people and organisations, the funds you provide have the power to change lives – that’s not a small thing! 

Good Grants supports grantmakers around the world with software to help them make good decisions through a modern and flexible platform. Part of that platform is the leaderboard, a real-time listing of your top applicants based on scores your reviewers have provided. 

The leaderboard is a valuable tool to streamline your decision-making process, giving you all your application assessment results in a relevant format to help you make good grant decisions.  

Here’s how you can use it.

See top applications and scores in one list 

The leaderboard provides you with a one-page list view of all applications and their scores, in real-time. This means you can check in any time during your program to keep your finger on the pulse of the reviewing process. 

Scores are automatically calculated by the system – you don’t have to spend time working through averages or percentages on an excel sheet. 

Applications are automatically ranked from the highest score to the lowest. If you need to re-arrange the list, there’s an option to order applications based on any of the columns you see on the screen. For example, you can sort the list by alphabetical order, submission date or any other field. You can easily choose which columns you want to see, customising the view to your exact specifications. 

For programs with multiple categories, there is a handy category filter at the top which allows you to quickly see the best applications in each category. 

The Good Grants leaderboard

Track, label and take actions on applications 

If you receive a lot of applications, you know that managing them can be difficult, especially if you are short on time or team members. There are many small tasks associated with moving applications along to your reviewers and many of those can be time-consuming manual tasks. But the Good Grants leaderboard offers you powerful management options while you view scored applications.

For example, you can make noteworthy applications stand out with a visual label by applying a “Shortlist” tag to automatically move them to the next round of reviewing. You can tag, download and archive applications in bulk to keep your leaderboard clean and relevant for your program managers.

Tagging in the Good Grants leaderboard

Communicate with applicants

At this stage of your program, mastering your communications with applicants is essential. For example, it’s common in this stage to let applicants know their status or next steps. 

Good Grants provides you with shortcuts to communicate with your applicants directly from the leaderboard view. You can search and filter for applicants and send them an email directly from the platform. No clicking back and forth between websites.  

For example, you can send a broadcast to your shortlisted applicants announcing the good news and perhaps explain the next steps and any action required from them or when they can expect the announcement of the results.    

Communicate with grant applicants

Provide offline resources

If your decision-making process includes reviewers or advisors who don’t have access to your online program management platform, you can still include them in the process. 

To have a discussion about specific applications, you can download applications from the leaderboard view. You will receive a PDF of all application data and any attached files.

This is also a great option if your interested stakeholders or board members request physical copies of applications to review. You can also export results, scores and comments from the leaderboard into an Excel or CSV file. 

Export options in Good Grants

Make the right decisions, stress-free

The review process for your grant program is an exciting journey. And, it doesn’t have to be stressful. This phase of your grants program is what you’ve been working toward for weeks or months, and using software to automatise the process will help make it less stressful for you and the participants. 

The Good Grants leaderboard provides a flexible and transparent application review tool that nets good grant decisions. It makes your job easier by saving you time and stress and it will more quickly and accurately connect you to the most deserving applicants. 


See how you can use the leaderboard with other powerful features in Good Grants to make good grant decisions. Sign up for a 14-day free trial today. No credit card required.

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