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by | Jan 31, 2022

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Good Grants is more than just a grantmaking and scholarship management tool. Our software can also be used by grantseekers who are looking for a way to manage their own applications to other organisations. 

If you’re writing multiple grant applications you’ll need a tool to keep track of them all, how much grant monies you’ve applied for, the status of each application and any reports you have due. 

Good Grants can help you with all of this, so you can say goodbye to juggling multiple complicated spreadsheets.

With our application management tools, you can upload and retain a copy of your application, keep track of the application status, record contact details for the organisation, note any funding requests and awards and track any grant reports you have due. 

Manage your grant applications

For example, it’s easy in Good Grants to keep track of the status of your applications with our tag feature, where you can tag applications with “ approved,” “declined”, “pending” and more. 

If you want to contact an organisation to query the status of your application or to ask a question about funding you can use our broadcast tool to send emails from within the app.

Check the status of your grant applications


If you’d like to save a copy of the original application you can upload a PDF copy of it to Good Grants for your records. 

You can also create exports of all your applications as well as bulk downloads of any accompanying files or documents. 

Good Grants also has an API that can integrate with other third-party tools, which means you can trigger other actions based on activity in Good Grants. For instance, if an application is successful and you’ve received grant funding you could integrate with Google Calendar to schedule a reminder of your first report due date.

Good Grants is a highly configurable grant management tool that allows you to manage, organise and track your grant applications––whether you are accepting or writing them.

Learn more about how you can use Good Grants to manage your applications. Sign up for our 14-day free trial.

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