Feature focus: Organise supporting application documents with multiple attachment tabs

by | Aug 9, 2021

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New this month! 🎉 We now support multiple attachment tabs in our application form, which allows grantmakers to easily organise supporting materials from grantseekers.

Attachments tabs in the Good Grants application form are great for collecting supporting material for an application. They allow applicants to upload images, graphics, videos, documents, audios and archive files (we support more than 50 file types). 

Multiple attachment tabs

You have complete control over the attachments you want to allow. You can set which file types you want to allow, the size limits of those files as well as how many attachments can be uploaded.

Now, with multiple attachment tabs, you can set different parameters for each tab. For example, one tab might support a specific application category that requires five images, while another can provide all the parameters around accepting PDFs.  

Multiple attachment tabs give you the flexibility to configure your application form based on your exact program needs.

Learn more about configuring application form tabs in our Help Centre! 

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