Feature focus: Manage your post-decision applications with ease

by | Mar 3, 2022

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New feature alert: Grant status is here! (Along with a new post-grant management menu!)

Accepting applications and making good decisions about those applications are important first steps for every grant program. And Good Grants can help you do just that.

But we also know you need to do so much more. Particularly post-decision management of applications. 

To support your post-decision management efforts, you can now use our grant status feature to track the progress of applications throughout your grantmaking lifecycle, however your cycle works. 

The grant stages themselves are completely customisable and can be tailored to meet your exact needs but the feature comes pre-configured with three editable statuses: 

  • Closed 
  • In progress
  • Fully allocated

You can add as many statuses as you need. 

While we envision this will be most useful for post-grant management of applications, it doesn’t have to be used solely for post-grant use. Applications that are, for whatever reason, not receiving a grant or not deemed successful can also have a status applied. 

Configuration options

Grant status options in Good Grants

Each existing or new status has additional options to: 

  • Block from reviewing: No further reviewing can be performed on applications with this status applied to them.
  • Lock fund allocation: No further adjustments to allocated funding can be made for applications with this status applied to them. 

Grant status in action

A grant status can be actively applied from within the table view of Manage applications or on individual applications. 

Manage applications

The Manage applications view provides you with a quick method to add a grant status to an individual application or multiple applications at the same time using a bulk update. 

Grant status options in Good Grants

Application view

Within the application itself, you can add a grant status and also provide an end date for when that grant may end. 

Managing grant status in Good Grants

Application moves to Manage grants

When a grant status is applied to an application, for example from Manage applications, the application moves into a new view called Manage grants, providing you with a readily accessible view of applications with a status applied. 

Managing grants in Good Grants

Funding menu updates to Grants

For better navigational grouping of post-decision functionality, the Good Grants main menu has undergone a slight improvement.

The Funding menu is now called Grants and the Manage grants view is located within it. The original funding views, Funds and Allocations, are still readily available from within this menu. 

Try it out!

The Manage grants dashboard and the grant status feature provide a lot of great utility! Particularly for post-grant management. Give it a try and let us know what you think! 

If you need any help at all, feel free to reach out to our friendly client success team or use the Need help? tab on the right hand side of the screen to learn more. 

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