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by | Aug 5, 2021

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Every grants and scholarship program is unique. The words used within a program can vary greatly from program to program. You may refer to your submissions as applications and another may refer to them as projects. Our flexible terms and interface text options allow you to change these as well as many others.

There are over 65 interface text options you can change. So we have made it even easier to edit these options by adding an option to edit the interface text in context, right where the text is displayed. A tooltip will now be displayed when you hover over any editable interface text and will link directly to the location where you can edit the text. #timesaver

Edit interface text on My applications

This option can be enabled under Settings > Content > Interface text by switching on Display tooltips to see all customisable interface text. As soon as you’re finished, you can switch them off! You can edit any of the interface text options at any time even when the tooltips are off.

Learn more about customising interface text in the Good Grants platform to match your program terminology. 

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