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by | Aug 2, 2022

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For programs that receive large volumes of ineligible applications, Good Grants’ eligibility screener helps deliver a better quality experience for your grants management team, applicants and reviewers by diverting ineligible applications immediately and automatically. 

Built to be flexible, the eligibility screener can be deployed in two ways: As a standalone eligibility screener or as a gatekeeper for the rest of an application form. 

As a standalone screener, applicants simply complete the eligibility questions and (optionally) learn if they are eligible once they have submitted. As a gatekeeper, the eligibility screener can be used to lock/unlock subsequent sections of a form, allowing eligible applicants to seamlessly complete the remainder of the questions, while the ineligible are informed they cannot continue. 

This saves ineligible applicants an enormous amount of effort and shows them their time is respected. 

Grant administrators benefit from a smoother application management experience, reduced administrative burden and real-time communication of eligibility status to applicants. 

How it works

In Good Grants, the drag-and-drop form works with a combination of fields and tabs. Fields are essentially the questions you ask applicants and tabs help you group those questions in a logical and easy to digest way.

Grants Management Software Eligibility screening

Eligibility screening works with a combination of both a type of field and a type of tab: auto-score field and an eligibility tab, respectively. 

Where auto-scored fields assign a score to a predetermined answer on a field (like a multiple choice question), the eligibility tab takes it a step further and totals the scores from all these auto-score fields and compares this to the minimum score required to achieve eligibility.

Grants Management Software Eligibility screening

If the applicant score is below the minimum threshold, they are ineligible and are shown an ineligible message (which you can configure) and the form is locked to prevent further activity from the applicant and stop trial-and-error submissions.

Ineligible applicants can also receive an automatic email notification to advise them of their application eligibility.  

Grants Management Software Eligibility screening

Eligible applicants can also receive an eligibility message and an email notification – but are otherwise unaffected and can seamlessly continue with their application.

What are your options? 

  • You can have as many eligibility tabs as you need. If there is more than one eligibility tab, eligibility is evaluated on submission of each eligibility tab
  • If you use categories, eligibility tabs can be shown to all or some categories of an opportunity 
  • You can choose to hide other tabs on the application form until eligibility has been achieved
  • For a standalone eligibility screener, simply use an eligibility tab on it’s own without any other tabs 
  • To use the eligibility screener as a gatekeeper for the rest of a form, place it before tabs that have questions for eligible applicants only

Five benefits of using Good Grants’ eligibility screener

1. Time savings for everyone. The process of applying to a grant program takes time to do well. An initial eligibility check can help identify ineligible applicants and stops them from progressing through the bulk of an application. This saves them an incredible amount of time. And, by screening out ineligible applicants, grant administrators, managers and reviewers also benefit from only spending time on the applicants eligible for your program support.

2. Program transparency. In Good Grants, eligibility screening can be configured to immediately inform applicants of their eligibility status, right when it matters. This eligibility transparency cuts down on follow-up queries and sets a transparent standard everyone can see and agree to. 

3. Better experience for your participants. Not only do participants in your program save time, their experience is enhanced too. Eligibility screening can be conducted immediately on the main application form – meaning you and your program participants don’t have to deal with the administration of several forms just to get qualified applications into review. 

4. Human error minimised. When manual tasks are delegated to a digital solution, the chance of human error is significantly reduced. No more tired eyes or miscategorised application eligibility.

5. More efficient process, more effective outcome. By diverting ineligible applications, everyone in your grant program receives immediate efficiency benefits. The reduced human error and greater transparency means your program outcomes are more effective and your program support goes exactly where it needs to.

Learn more about eligibility screening in Good Grants

Visit our Help Centre to learn how easy it can be to configure eligibility screening for your grant or funding opportunity. 

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