Feature focus: Auto-scoring for grant application screening

by | Jun 10, 2022

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Screening every single application in a grant program takes time. And if you need to screen for specific criteria, it can take even longer. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest new feature, built to save time and screen applications faster. 

Introducing: Auto-scoring!

What is auto-scoring? 

Auto-scoring is an application management utility that allows you to automatically score answers to questions in Good Grants.

Perfect for screening applications and pre-qualification, auto-scoring drastically reduces the effort of sifting through individual applications by automatically scoring answers using your unique and pre-defined opportunity criteria. 

For programs with funding opportunities designated for specific causes, groups or individuals, auto-scoring helps to automatically elevate these applications and streamline your screening process. 

How it works

Auto-scoring starts at the question or field level on the application, where you can assign values to specific criteria and then prioritise the applications that support your cause, based on your grantseekers’ responses.

Auto-scoring in Good Grants

As applicants submit their applications, the scores are automatically tallied based on their responses and can be sorted from highest to lowest, allowing you to quickly moderate or screen the submissions. 

Want step-by-step instructions on setting it up? Visit our Help Centre

Auto-scoring grant management tool

Auto-scoring panel for score breakdown

To see how the score is calculated, program managers can view an auto-scoring panel on each application. This is especially helpful if you have auto-scoring enabled on multiple fields and want to see a breakdown of the scoring.

The benefits of auto-scoring in grants management

Save time and money

Grant programs with a high volume of applications can be a hassle for grant managers and reviewers. With auto-scoring, you can screen applications quickly based on your unique criteria. As soon as an application is submitted, the scores will be there for you! 

Increase efficiency

When manual tasks are delegated to a software solution, your application process is streamlined. This leads to higher productivity.

Minimise errors

Mistakes happen. Auto-scoring can reduce human error in your application moderation process, building integrity and trust into your program results.

Deliver a better experience for your participants

Using auto-scoring to help screen applications can decrease the waiting time for your grant awarding cycle and help cut down on clutter in the evaluation process. A win-win for all. 

Common use cases for auto-scoring

There’s no doubt auto-scoring is a game-changer for segmenting and screening your applications more quickly. You can use auto-scoring in so many ways! Here are a few ideas ideas on how to leverage it for your grant program:

  • Bring to light applications that will advance diversity and inclusion in your grant program.
  • Automatically elevate applications that promote a specific cause.
  • Screen applications for specific characteristics, such as years of service or funding previously received. 

The list can go on and on—simply consider your desired outcomes and let auto-scoring do the work for you! 

Let Good Grants do the heavy lifting. Focus on what matters the most: powering positive change.  Try Good Grants for free for 14 days.

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