Feature Focus: accessibility update for keyboard users

by | May 20, 2021

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As organisations around the world move toward greater accessibility in the grantmaking process, it’s important to make sure your applicants and reviewers can easily use your software. 

And we’re happy to report that Good Grants continues to improve on our compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, a set of standards to make the web as accessible as possible. The latest revision, or WCAG 2.1, focuses on improvements to mobile accessibility and power with low vision or cognitive and learning disabilities. 

In our latest software update, we’ve made an improvement for keyboard users who need to tab through the platform interface without using a mouse. Keyboard focus is now indicated with a black outline around the element in focus to increase visibility so users can see where they are moving through the platform.

Accessibility improvements

Want to make sure your grant or funding program is accessible? Use our helpful checklist for accessibility here

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