Set-up for success: Exciting new features to power your grantmaking in 2022

by | Jan 14, 2022

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Another year, come and gone! As the pandemic lingered (and lingered 😫), our team at Good Grants powered on. 

As a fully remote and globally distributed software company, we know just how important it is to have good reliable technology to help you do your work. 

Ease of use is something we kept in mind as we worked to improve our product this year. Every new feature and product update we made was with you—our clients (and future clients!) in mind. How can we make your life easier? How can we save you time? How can we best support you in your quest to power positive change around the world?  

Over the past year, we implemented 72 new features and made 116 product improvements—all to help you do more in less time and set you up for success in 2022. 

Here is a look at some of our most exciting new features and updates!


The game-changers

1. A new reviewing set-up wizard

Good Grants offers the most powerful reviewing suite on the market. And now we’ve made our sophisticated options faster to implement with our new Reviewing fast start, a reviewing configuration wizard that walks you through the reviewing set-up, step by step. Just a few clicks and you’re ready to go!

powerful new feature

2. A powerful new reviewing dashboard

Once your grant program is up and running, you can now follow the progress of all your reviewing with our Manage reviewing view, a beautiful new dashboard designed to give you a bird’s eye view of your entire assessment process. See who’s reviewed what, what’s left to review, each reviewing configuration you need to follow, and more! Just another way to give you the information you need, and fast.

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New reviewing dashboard

3. New contract management functionality 

Throughout the grant management lifecycle, there are varying types of documents to be shared, signed, submitted and managed. From applications and privacy agreements to budget sheets and award notices, documents and contracts are a crucial part of the process. With our new contract feature, you can securely manage these important documents directly in the Good Grants grant management platform from a handy contract list view.

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4. Data residency: Your data stored in your region

You asked, we provided! Good Grants now offers the option to store your data in a supported region of your choice. This means your program data—from applications and reviewing data to communications and uploaded files—is safely stored in your chosen region. And at no additional cost!

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Data management

5. In-app guides + tours

Good Grants offers an incredible amount of flexibility in your grant or scholarship configuration. With so many features and options, we introduced a whole new Guides and tours section in the platform to help you get started fast, learn about new features, and take tours through the platform.

Automation power features

6. New Zapier and Integromat integrations

To make it possible for you to do more with less, we embedded a new Zapier integration to the platform and offer an Integromat integration to help connect all your favourite work tools to Good Grants. Easy automation without all the coding! 

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7. API updates

In 2020, Good Grants created a whole new API, but in 2021, we expanded it, dramatically. The Good Grants API now has endpoints for attachments, seasons and webhooks.

Tools for grantmaking collaboration

8. Reviewing notifications

We implemented a faster way to communicate with specific reviewers to make it easier to let them know about important updates, such as applications waiting to be assessed or an upcoming reviewing deadline.  

9. Invite users via email

It’s now possible to add users via email invite. Simply add the email addresses of the users you’d like to invite and they will receive an email to accept their invitation and create their password. #simplify


The granular goodies

10. Funding allocations

The funding feature in Good Grants allows you to easily manage the allocation of funds to successful applications. Once a fund is created, those funds can be allocated from the application view by clicking on the application name. Our latest improvement makes enables you to allocate funds directly from the Manage applications and the Leaderboard views in Good Grants.

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11. New languages

We added two new languages to the platform—Danish and Norwegian, bringing our total number of supported, native-translated languages to 29! This means you can run your program in one (or multiple) languages, making it possible for your grantseekers or applicants to enter, no matter what language they speak. 

international grantmaking platform

12. A new billing portal

Account owners can now view their Good Grants account information in our new billing portal, where they can see when the account is up for renewal, upgrade the account at any time, and add and edit users.

13. Interface text customisations

We know your grant or funding program is unique, and your platform should support that. This year, we released even more user interface text customisations so your grant platform can use exactly the same terminology as your program.

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Interface text customisations

14. Emojis to spice up your program 🥳😎💃

Emojis are now supported in the platform and can be added to category descriptions, content blocks, notifications, terms and interface text. 💯


15. Saved views + shortcuts

We love to save you time and these new features do just that. Search for the applications you need with our Advanced search feature, then save that view and access it from our new shortcuts feature on all list views. You can also share saved views with your team so everyone can see exactly what’s relevant… in a flash. 

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16. Multiple attachment tabs

We make it possible for you to accept any type of attachment with your applications. And now we’ve spruced up the attachment gathering process with multiple attachment tab options so you can collect supporting material from your grantseekers in a way that makes sense for your program. This means you could ask for photos in one tab, with specific formatting requests, and PDFs or documents in another tab, with another set of specifications. 

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17. Bulk resubmission requests 

Our resubmission feature enables grant managers to request applicants to re-submit their application, a popular feature for programs with multi-stage application processes. And, now, we’ve made it possible to request re-submission in bulk. You can simply select all relevant applications, then request resubmission. #timesaver

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Accessibility for all

18. Platform accessibility updates

We strongly believe everyone should be able to use Good Grants, which is why we continually update our software to comply with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We made a host of improvements such as keyboard and hover focus for links, WCAG labels, visual and accessibility improvements to the applications view, and more.

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And… coming soon in 2022!

Our engineers are already hard at work on some amazing new features and tools: new dashboards, better ways to navigate, more assessment tools and so much more! 

As we look back on 2021, we are so grateful to our amazing clients across the globe. We look forward to helping you power positive change in 2022! 

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