Easily manage fund allocations with Good Grants and Zapier

by | Jun 22, 2021

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A key component for many grants or scholarship programs is the allocation of funds to applicants. In Good Grants, you have the ability to create one or more funds, each with its own budget, and then distribute  the funds by allocating them to specific applications. 

When allocating from any particular fund, you can quickly and easily check how much of the fund has been allocated and how much is still available within that fund. 

Good Grants funds

You can also view who has received funding from your program by visiting Allocations which will give you a quick view of which application received funding, which fund it came from, how much was allocated and during what funding season. 

Good Grants allocations

This functionality helps you keep track of the various funds you have at your disposal but you still need to make the actual payment from your organisation’s bank account to the applicant in question. 

To do this, you could process the request manually, which can be time consuming and introduce errors into your process or, you could leverage our native integration with Zapier to process the funding transfer or a funding request, to your organisation’s preferred accounting software. 

In the below example, we’ll show you how creating an allocation in Good Grants can trigger a new invoice in Xero. You may use a different accounting software, so be sure to check out Zapier’s extensive list of apps they integrate with.

How to create an invoice in Xero when an allocation is created in Good Grants

Step 1: Create Zapier account

Go to Zapier and create an account (or log in if you already have one)

Step 2: Create the zap

Search for the Good Grants Zapier app and select your accounting software from the list

Create workflow in Zapier

Select the trigger as Allocation Created and the action as Create Sales Invoice.

In this example, we’ve chosen to create an invoice but there are other options like creating a bank transfer. Choose the action that best suits your workflow.

Good Grants and Xero Zapier workflow

Step 3: Configure the zap

Now you’re ready to configure the zap. Simply click Try it and follow the prompts in Zapier to connect your Good Grants account with your chosen accounting software.

Once you’ve done that and completed a successful test, you’re done!

The power of automation

You now have one less task on your plate. No need to manually export the allocations to an Excel spreadsheet and send to your finance team. As soon as you make an allocation in Good Grants, the finance team will be able to take action without any additional work on your part.

From simple and straightforward tasks to more complex workflows, automations can simplify your work. And this is just one of many ways the Good Grants integration with Zapier can be used to simplify the management of your grants or scholarship program.

Perhaps there’s other ways you could utilise the Good Grants Zapier integration? In part 1 of this series we discuss how you can import a spreadsheet of past applications into Good Grants from a spreadsheet, so you can manage all past applications from one place. 

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