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by | Mar 11, 2021

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Throughout the grant management lifecycle, there are varying types of documents to be shared, signed, submitted and managed. From applications and privacy agreements to budget sheets and award notices, documents and contracts are a crucial part of the grant process.

If these contracts are not managed properly or securely, your grant or funding program could be open to fraud and compliance risks. 

But, Good Grants is here to help! With our new contract feature, you can securely manage these important documents directly in the Good Grants grant management platform. 

Creating contracts in Good Grants

Grant managers can now easily manage contracts in Good Grants. It’s an easy process: the program manager creates the contract, populates the contract details and can use merge fields to personalise it with the applicant’s name, the organisation name or other specific field values in the application.  

Once the contract is created, the grant manager simply assigns it to one or a group of applicants in the Manage applications view.

The contract is now visible in the manager’s view of the application along with any funding information. And for the applicant, the contract is now visible with a “Sign contract” button under their application in their applications view.

Signing contracts in Good Grants

Signing contracts in Good Grants

How to sign a contract in Good Grants
Once a contract is assigned, it’s easy for applicants or grantees to sign it without having to leave the platform. 

The Good Grants contracts feature offers users a signature pad where signees have the option to type or draw their name using their mouse or trackpad. 

Once signed, the contract is saved as a PDF with the applicants signature populated at the bottom of the contract, along with a timestamp recording when the contract was signed. The signed contract is then available to both the program manager and applicant for online viewing or download.  

Simple. Fast. Secure.

The entire grants lifecycle, all in one platform

Streamline your entire grants lifecycle by using Good Grants to help you every step of the way, from building your application form to accepting signed contracts, from start to finish. It’s good grants management software for everyone. 


Learn how you can use the Good Grants platform to manage your contracts and streamline your grant or funding program. Sign up for a 14-day free trial today.

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