5 Grants management automations to save time + spark joy

by | Jan 21, 2021

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On paper, the grantmaking lifecycle can look pretty straightforward. Grantseekers submit their application. A panel of reviewers review it. Once the results are ready and decisions are made, applicants are notified and the grantees receive funding. The final phase kicks in with reporting and audits to follow each funding or project through to completion. 

But, as every grantmaker knows well, it’s rarely so routine. With an application often hopping between reviewers and program managers, it can be a lot of work to organise and communicate as needed through the application’s lifecycle. 

Grantmaking becomes a lot easier—downright joyful, even!— with online grants management software. This is not just because a good grants management system can help you organise every piece of your program. It’s also because you can make the software work for you.

The grant lifecycle for grantmakers

With Good Grants, you can use powerful automations to run the more basic tasks in the background for you, saving you time, money and headache! 

Here are five of the most popular Good Grant software automations to help your grant or funding program run like a well-oiled machine and get more done in less time. 

1. Move grant applications along effortlessly

Many grant programs have multiple stages, where an application needs to to be submitted to another person for endorsement or a referral. This can easily be automated, cutting down on unnecessary extra steps.

Good Grants enables you to create an automation for multiple review stages. For example, the applicant submits their application, the system then automatically sends a notification to the nominee or manager for approval, prompting them to perform an action to continue the application along the review process. 

You can customise the notification message (and personalise it!) and link the receiver to their next action. For example, you can ask the nominee to accept or decline their nomination or to provide more information about the application.

This type of automation moulds to your program’s specificities. You can create as many stages as you need and link them together if desired.

How to do it in Good Grants: Go to Settings > Action flow. Create your review stages, then create notifications you want to send at each stage. For detailed instructions, read this article from our Help Centre or watch Rachel, our product manager, explain it in the video above. 

2. Assign applications appropriately for review 

When applications start rolling it—especially for larger grant or funding programs—it can feel like a juggling act to assign reviewers to each application.

But in Good Grants, we automate this task with review panels. This means you can set up rules to define which applications go to which reviewers and when! No more worrying about missed application reviews or stacks of applications waiting for review. It’s all automatically done for you. If you need to make a manual adjustment, that is still available at any time. 

How to do it in Good Grants: Go to Reviewing > Panels and populate your criteria. You can read more in this how-to article

3. Randomise review assignments, minimise subjectivity

It’s no secret. Human reviewers can be prone to subjectivity. But there are steps you can take to minimise it in grantmaking, one of which is to randomise review assignments.

Randomising reviews, often used in research studies, can be done easily in Good Grants by simply clicking “randomise” in the configuration of your review panel. That is to say, your review panel will receive applications and submissions in a randomised order and not on a first-in, first-review basis.

You can choose to apply this automation to a specific reviewer or a specific group of reviewers and applications. 

How to do it in Good Grants: Go to Reviewing > Assignments. Click New random assignment and configure the automation for any given score set and reviewing round. Get detailed instructions.

4. Notify applicants of results

This is the most exciting part of your program—the results! Notifying applicants of the results of your grant or funding program is no doubt a highly anticipated moment for your applicants. And it doesn’t have to require a lot of extra work. This can be easily set up as an automation.  

Of course, it’s always exciting to notify the winners, which you can do with a simple automation connected to tagging the winning applications. But communicating results with the unsuccessful applicant is where the tedium can set in.

In Good Grants, you can set up notifications to send to all the applicants who will not move forward. And, just because it’s automated doesn’t mean it can’t be personal. You’ll have the option to add merge tags like first name or application name to keep communications personal and friendly. 

How to do it in Good Grants: Go to Settings > Notifications and set up a notification triggered by a specific tag. 

Notifications for grantmakers

5. Request progress reports, automatically 

Sometimes, the part that comes after the grant or funding award requires more work than what comes before. Post-grant reporting and audits play a big part of the grantmaking lifecycle. You’ll need to check in frequently to see how your support is being managed—monies spent, project outcomes, resources utilised, etc. 

We know this can require a lot of administrative time. And with Good Grants software that administrative time is cut down to a minimum! Send automated notifications to request specific reports or next actions. Set up an automatic notification to request report submission, financial reports and other progress updates. It’s up to you—you can set up a post-grant reporting process that works for you and your organisation. 

How to do it in Good Grants: Go to Settings > Action flow

Streamline your grant management process

By using these Good Grants software automations, you can free up time normally spent on tedious and mundane tasks and to do what’s more important—power positive change. 


Learn how you can use Good Grants automations to save time and streamline your grantmaking process. Sign up for a 14-day free trial today. 

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