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How to become a good corporate citizen

How to become a good corporate citizen

Demonstrating good corporate citizenship can do your organisation a world of good. Check out these tips to help your company gain favour with customers, investors and society at large.

July 2022

New features Just released: Eligibility screener! The screener automatically diverts ineligible applicants while allowing eligible submissions to instantly progress to the next stage of the grant program based on the applicant’s responses. #timesaver  Improvements...

June 2022

Improvements There is a new auto-scoring panel that shows a breakdown of any auto-scores on each application. Users logging in with SAML for the first time who already exist in Good Grants will now be emailed a login code rather than having to remember a password....

7 ways to reduce bias in grant funding

7 ways to reduce bias in grant funding

Good grantmaking is human-centred. But humans are just that—human. And bias unfortunately comes along with us, whether we recognise it or not. Here are ways to reduce it.

May 2022

New features Just released: Auto-scoring! A new application management tool where scores are automatically assigned based on predefined criteria. Perfect for pre-qualification, shortlisting or elevating applications with specific characteristics. #timesaver...

April 2022

Improvements We upgraded our application software to significantly improve platform performance. The contracts list view has been moved to the Grants menu for easier access.  There is a new sort option in table headers to quickly order starred applications and users....