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Latest release notes

August 2020

New features  It's now possible for program managers to legally bypass user preferences when sending notifications in compliance with GDPR. You can now sort by values of Fields added to the Manage Applications list view. #timesaver Improvements  Programs can now...

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July 2020

New features  You can now archive Score sets, in addition to applications and seasons.  A new settings menu is now available, with:  Settings grouped by function Improved visual design for easier and faster navigation, with customisable colour styling The main left...

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June 2020

New features  The application form has a new flag selector and geolocation for the phone field, which prefills the matching country code for applicants.  Auto-tagging is now available for program managers, allowing you to set up rules on what applications you want...

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May 2020

New features  The reviewer's view received several new features. Reviewers can now:  Add, remove and rearrange columns to display what’s relevant to them View weighted or unweighted scores See Score sets in separate columns, better highlighting each score A new...

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April 2020

New features  You can now recover access to your Good Grants account with a simple one-click login. Also available on mobile. Improvements  We’ve added a “less than” and “greater than” rule to conditional field settings. You can now adjust the terminology for “state”...

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March 2020

New Features We've just released our new (and amazing) application form builder!  As part of the new application form builder: tabs will now be highlighted with validation errors to help applicants quickly find fields requiring correction.  Improvements  Editing the...

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February 2020

New features Stage 1 of our world-class form builder has just gone into beta-testing! Improvements  Crowd vote processing speed has been improved!  Update to the Copyleaks API : Now includes a new downloadable PDF scan of results Improved performance of batch...

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