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Run your grants or scholarship program your way and improve the user experience for applicants, reviewers and program managers.

And do it in days… Not months. 

Implement in days

We have a proven process for getting started fast.
We recommend 14 days, but you can go faster if you like. 

Import your data

Migrate existing applicants, applications, results and funding amounts with you and put your data to work. 

Forget about limits

We won’t charge you based on your usage. Unlimited users, applications and fund distributions come standard.

24/5 support

Round-the-clock weekday support from anywhere in the world ensures you always get fast answers and assistance.

“Good Grants is extremely user-friendly and interactive. ”

Victoria Napier, Queen’s Commonwealth Trust

Applicant experiences matter

Provide affinity-building applicant experiences with an efficient submission process, multi-lingual interface, built-in application guidance, powerful branding and easy access.

Create a modern, thoughtful and brand-aligned applicant experience

  • Create a branded submission experience your applicants will love with comprehensive theme options 
  • Fast track known applicants through registration and login using SAML, social media or our WordPress and Drupal plugins
  • Give applicants access to their own submission portal where they can edit, delete, copy and download PDF copies of their applications
  • Present your application form in one or many languages
Customizable login page in Good Grants
Start applications in Good Grants

Increase application quality with a human-centric application process

  • Best-practice form layouts increase comprehension and decrease information overload
  • Guide applicants throughout their submission with help, hints and contextual information 
  • Use text, images and or video to communicate and orientate applicants
  • Auto-save technology safeguards application progress and obliterates loss of work
  • Applicants can upload all popular audio, video and graphic formats 

And there is still so much more!
Create great applicant experiences, in minutes.

“I would recommend Good Grants to anyone looking for a good and easily manageable grant platform.”

Sophie van der Erve, Aidsfonds

Making good decisions was never this easy

With access to five time-saving review modes, easy progress reports and the ability to share and discuss results online, your review panel will never want to review applications the old way ever again.

Top pick scoring in grants management software

Sophisticated simplicity for efficient decision-making

  • Easy to use– no training required
  • Use one or more of our five review modes to quickly qualify, vote, rank or score applications
  • Each application is all on one clear page, no clicking back and forth
  • View attached images, video and other supported formats directly in Good Grants
  • Reviewers only see the applications assigned to them
  • Access to built-in abstain and recusal options

Reviewers empowered

  • Reviewers can easily monitor their progress through assigned applications
  • Options to share scores and comments with both applicants and other reviewers
  • Built-in acceptance of confidentiality agreement for reviewers
  • Scoring audit matrix provides visibility and confidence in results
  • And much more
Leaderboard in Good Grants

Give reviewers the gift of time. 
Take Good Grants for a test drive, risk-free.

“Good Grants has dramatically improved our service to both applicants and reviewers.”

Jeannette Beranger, The Livestock Conservancy Microgrants Program

Program managers empowered

Good Grants offers crystal clear visibility and powerful control over your entire grant-making or scholarship process. Without sacrificing ease of use.

Easily configurable for your unique program requirements

  • Create beautiful application forms with the ease of a drag-and-drop editor
  • Implement multi-stage review rounds with a few clicks
  • Automate allocation of applications to review panels
  • Match your brand with easy, yet powerful theming options
    Good Grants application form builder
    Good Grants application form builder

    Save time managing

    • Readily access overall program performance
    • Automise communication with applicants and reviewers
    • Trigger workflows to perform other functions while you work
    • Configure views, filter information and export reports
    • And much more

    With Good Grants, you’ll be in good company

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