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Easily and securely create, manage and sign contracts
directly in Good Grants

Ready to solidify your grant or scholarship decision? Make it official by generating contracts in the Good Grants platform, sending them to your applicants for signing and securely storing them for future access. 

Easily create custom contracts

With Good Grants, creating contracts is a cinch! Give your contract a name, add your contract content, headers and footers, terms and conditions and Good Grants will generate the contract for you. 

You can create as many contracts as you need. There are no limits. 

Grants Contracts
How to sign a contract in Good Grants

Send contracts for signing

Ready to formalise you grantmaking or scholarship decision? Send it to your applicant(s) for signature.

Applicants can then use the signature pad to type or draw their signature using their keyboard, mouse or if they have one, a trackpad.  



Easy contract access for you and your applicants

Once signed, contracts are securely stored and readily available to program administrators and the applicants for easy, mutual access. 

These contracts can be viewed in your browser or downloaded for offline records. 



Good Grants Contract Access

Save time

Personalise each contract with the applicant’s details using personalisation tokens. No need to manually update each contract for individual applicants. 

Multiple contracts

Need more than one contract? No problem. Create as many contracts as you need and assign as needed to your applicants.

Timestamped verification

All signed contracts are digitally timestamped to record date of acceptance. No confusion or tampering possible. 

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